Digital Menu Boards

Need to increase sales and create a competitive advantage?

There is a revolution happening within the signage industry that has been proven to increase sales. You can be a pioneer in your area and gain a significant competitive advantage through the use of our Digital Menu Board system. In the past, most companies used static menu boards to inform their customers of menu items and daily specials. Digital Menu Boards will entice, persuade, entertain and up sell your customers. How you ask? With eye catching static or motion media that showcases your signature products and special promotions.

Spice up your menu with a digital menu board that is a moving experience

  • Change the ambiance of any venue, making the customer experience more unique and lively.
  • Engage customers with visually powerful menus
  • Inspire customers to purchase high margin products
  • Up sell and cross sell to max each visit
  • Show different content for each day part of the day. e.g. Breakfast, lunch and evening.
  • Easily change your menu

Add, delete, record and edit your menu with drag-drop ease. The easiest Digital Menu Board system in the world.
Master the power of suggestion

Beautiful imagery will inspire your customers. Include images, animations and videos.

Why would I have a Digital Menu Board?

– Increase your revenue. Imagine your menu boards as a customisable “sales tool” versus just a list of items to buy.
– Statistics have shown 30% of people viewing digital screens make unplanned purchases
– 75% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale
– You can see an average of 10-20% sales increase
– Experience up to a 49% sales increase for a specific featured product

What are the advantages?

– Strong branding tool for your establishment
– Customize your menu almost in any way
– Time of day or day of the week
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Create seasonal menus
– Automate special menus by date
– Test market new menu items

Customize the screen layout as well as the media.

– Split screen – static menu items on one side and full motion video on the other side
– Automatically populate text menu items on your media backgrounds
– Create a call to action, attract the customer’s attention
– Eliminates the need to print and redistribute signs