The Benefits

Improve your Business Image To view store adverts click here

38 shop screenFood StoreMany of your customers use technology that is far more advanced than what retail stores use and many of our children have better technology in their bedroom than what is used to promote products in a showroom.
Improve your business image with a high tech digital signage system and don’t be left behind.

A digital signage system gives your business the opportunity to entice customers, promote products and increase sales through the use of digital media files using plasma, LCD and projection systems.

Increase Product Awareness

Your customers will be kept updated with your product advertising and promotional material using images, animation and movie files. New product releases can be promoted effectively increasing your customers’ awareness.

Promote Specials

Specials can be advertised and changed within your store whenever required, keeping your customers up to date with the most current offers. To view store adverts click here

Option of updated Advertising and Promotional Material Remotely

39 large window screenEither a single display or multiple displays can be updated from a central location at any time. Whether this is at the point of sale or from your companies’ head office. The Instore digital signage system is scalable from supporting a single display to thousands promoting your products and your company.

Increase Walk-In Customer Numbers

On-glass projection systems produce a spectacular image on your shop front window. Promote your products and specials to your customers before they walk in the door. Entice your potential new customers to walk-in with this stunning technology. Update your message whenever you need.

Typical locations include:

23Retail stores, chemists, newsagents, estate agencies, car dealerships, travel agencies, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, showrooms, hotels, hardware stores pubs and museums